Important And Easily Forgotten Questions To Ask When Buying A Brand New Car

Buying a brand-new vehicle is totally exhilarating. You are getting a vehicle that no one else has ever had in their possession, and you can make it all your own. It can be so exciting to check out new cars for sale that it can be easy to forget to ask some super important questions. Here is a look at a few things to make sure you ask when you buy a new vehicle from a dealership. 

Are there things to avoid that would void the car's warranty?

Pretty much every new car purchase is going to grant you an attractive warranty. This warranty will cover any defects or problems with the motor, transmission, or other components for so long or so many miles. As great as this warranty may be, it is also something that you do have to work to keep intact. There are some things that new car owners mistakenly do to void their warranty because they have no idea these things can be an issue according to the manufacturer. A few examples of things that may void a new car's warranty include: 

  • If you do something to change the drivetrain 
  • If you make certain changes to the motor 
  • If you don't get the car serviced properly

Will there be special servicing options included in the purchase price?

In many cases, buying a brand-new vehicle will get you some perks you would not otherwise get. For instance, you may get your first few oil changes for free or get a discount on inspections if you get them at the dealership. Before you make a deal and make an offer on a new vehicle, make sure you ask if there are any special deals or perks included. 

How long will you have to get your car insurance coverage?

Most car dealerships will give you a certain span of time to get your insurance coverage worked out for the new vehicle. For instance, the vehicle may be covered by the dealership's insurance policy for a few weeks. This coverage gives you ample time to seek out the best coverage for your new ride, but it is important to not forget to get your own insurance within the allotted time frame. Otherwise, you could be driving around without insurance coverage in your new vehicle and not even know it because the dealership may not let you know when the insurance is canceled if you do not ask.