Buying A New Dry Van Trailer

For a commercial driver, a dry van trailer can be an essential tool for allowing you to haul your cargo to its intended destination. Due to the value of this part of your commercial truck and the important role that the dry van trailer will play, a commercial driver or business owner will have to be methodical when they are evaluating their trailer needs and assessing potential options.

Evaluate The Potential Benefits And Challenges Of Buying A Used Dry Van Trailer

A used dry van trailer can be an attractive solution for this need due to the cost savings that it may confer. Yet, used trailers can come with their own risks that will require you to be far more thorough when you are evaluating potential trailers to buy. As an example, these trailers could suffer widespread corrosion or a host of other problems that could potentially lead to the trailer needing major repairs or restoration in order to be able to be used to haul cargo. New dry van trailers will lack these issues, and while they may cost more, this can be a fair exchange for ensuring that this critical piece of equipment is capable of withstanding the wear and abuse that can come with years of hauling cargo.

Review The Flooring That Is In The Dry Van Trailer

The flooring in the dry van trailer can be a part of the trailer that may not be given the attention that it deserves. In addition to verifying that the flooring is in good structural condition, you may also want to review the slickness of the floor. If the floor is fairly slick, this could lead to cargo being more likely to shift positions as well as a greater risk of workers falling when they are removing or loading items. If your new trailer has somewhat slick flooring, you can apply a layer of textured rubber that will increase traction to prevent these problems.

Be Aware Of Whether The Dry Van Trailer Comes With Loading Ramps

Loading items into and out of the trailer can be extremely difficult when the facility does not have a loading dock that can be used. To account for this issue, many dry van trailers will have retractable ramps that can be used to improve the accessibility of the trailer. However, not every dry van trailer will have this feature, and if you anticipate needing to be able to load or unload without a dock, making sure that a trailer has these features can make it much easier to use the trailer when one is not available. Furthermore, retractable ramps can be much quicker to use than portable ramps that may need to be retrieved from the truck and secured in position. 

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