What The Service Advisor Needs To Know When You Drop Off Your Car At An Auto Service Center

An automotive service advisor is the person you come into contact with when you drop off your car for maintenance or repairs.

Automotive service advisors are professionals who are knowledgeable about car repairs and maintenance. They serve as the go-between contact between the mechanics and customers.

Having an intermediary allows mechanics to do their work without distracting interruptions and gives customers someone who is easy to contact about the status of their vehicles.

When you encounter an automotive service advisor at your local garage, there is certain information they need from you. If you arrive prepared, then you can get in and out of the car service center quickly.

Here's what you need to know to prepare:

The Basics About Your Vehicle and the Reason for Dropping It Off

If you are a new customer, you will be asked to give the service advisor your name, contact information, and information about your vehicle, including:

  • the year, make, and model
  • the size of the engine (4L, 6L, etc...)
  • whether your car runs on diesel or gasoline

In addition, you will need to explain why you are dropping off your car.

If it is being dropped off for repairs, then be prepared to explain all of the symptoms of the problem and when they typically occur. 

For example, if your truck's brakes are grabbing in the mornings when it is very cold, then all of these points are important. The cause could be the brakes themselves or the cold could be causing parts or brake fluid to freeze.

If your vehicle's problem seems complicated or it has multiple symptoms, then take a moment to write things down and condense the information to the absolute basics and take it with you.

Ask for a Written Estimate and Carefully Review It

After you've provided as much information as you can about your vehicle, the service advisor will advise you about what diagnostic testing needs to be performed or what repairs will be done and let you know the associated costs.

If you haven't been offered one, ask for a written estimate. Look over the estimate to make sure it matches your understanding of both the scope of work and the price.

If you have any questions about the estimate, now is the time to ask.

Ask About the Timeframe and Warranty Coverage for Repairs

Lastly, before leaving the service center, make sure the service advisor has explained their warranty policies and how long the repairs will take.

Contact an auto service center for more information.