Replace These Things When You Sell Your Motorhome

Owning a motorhome can provide you and your family with countless memories of summer road trips and time spent together. You may reach a point at which you're planning to sell this vehicle — maybe to raise funds that you can put toward a motorhome that is newer and offers more amenities that you and your loved ones will enjoy. Whether you're hoping to sell your existing motorhome to a dealership or you plan to do so privately, the condition of the vehicle is paramount. You should also consider replacing these things in advance of selling the vehicle to help you get more money.


When someone buys a used motorhome, there's a good chance that he or she will hastily replace the mattresses. Doing so presents a considerable expense, which the buyer will always keep in mind when negotiating with you. If your mattresses are old, you should consider replacing them before you sell the motorhome. While you might not be eager to incur this cost, it's important to realize that advertising your new mattresses — with the promise that no one has ever slept on them — can make the vehicle far more appealing to prospective buyers.


You should also think about replacing your motorhome's tires. As with replacing the mattresses, the sale of the vehicle will be easier — and you'll likely be able to get more money — when you can advertise that the tires are new. While old tires are visually apparent, it can sometimes be difficult to tell if a vehicle's tires are brand new or several months old. Be sure to keep your invoice from the tire shop so that you can show it to your buyer as evidence of the age of the tires.

Small Appliances

Many motorhomes are equipped with a variety of small appliances. The larger a motorhome is, the more amenities of this nature that it usually boasts. Few people like inheriting used appliances, especially if their advanced age is evident from their appearance. You can often replace these appliances in a cost-effective manner by watching for sales. Doing so will make the vehicle more appealing. For example, a brand new toaster oven, microwave, and other similar appliances will catch peoples' eyes as they enter the motorhome to assess it. While not technically an appliance, replacing the TV with a newer and sleeker model can also be in your best interest.

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