Debut A Halloween-Themed Impression When Driving Up To A Fitness Expo In An Exotic Rental Car

Halloween is the perfect time of the year for fitness professionals to explore the creepy approach to marketing. Live promotional appearances at health, wellness, and supplement industry trade shows or other events don't have to go hand-in-hand with clichéd dress. Instead of appearing in spandex or a muscle shirt, bodybuilders and fitness models could don classic monster costumes. Renting an exotic car that fits in with the monstrous approach to marketing may absolutely help with the promotional strategy.  

A Creepy, Hip, and Original Rental

Selecting the right car to drive around the expo in should be a deliberate process. The traditional hearse is not advised. In addition to being a bit too cliched, hearses are -- to put it mildly -- downbeat in appearance. Renting an exotic car that fits in with the Halloween spirit is a better choice. And no, an oddball Munsters' "Dragula" car isn't necessary. As long as the exotic rental exhibits the following, it should work well:

  • Embodies a Muscle Car Style

The symbolism here is hard to miss. Customers buy health supplements and work with personal trainers because they want to build muscles. A muscle car drives home the "subliminal message" of increased strength and power. Muscle cars are visually impressive and known for engine power. Making a connection between the car and the consumer with such messaging may reap excellent results.

  • Affords a Convertible Top

The exotic car's purpose is to draw attention to itself and then to those riding around in the vehicle. Spectators are not going to get a great glimpse of an impressive bodybuilder if he/she is stuck in the backseat and under a roof. With a convertible top, eyes drawn to the car will then easily drift to rider and passenger.

  • Maintains the Horror Look

Since the exotic component of the rental car is supposed to tie into the Halloween theme, the body and frame of the vehicle should present certain stylistic elements. Fins evocative of bat wings are a nice touch. Sleek headlights similar to nefariously squinting and hypnotic "Dracula eyes" would add a malevolent touch.

  • Reveals an Ominous Color

The color of the car should fit in with Halloween. Jet black and charcoal gray mimic the classic style of the 1930's horror films. Shades of green work nicely since so many monsters -- Frankenstein, the Gill-Man, and more -- are connected with the color. Red, orange, and even silver trim have Halloween and horror connections as well.

Grabbing Attention

Standing out at a fitness expo is never easy. Drawing on holiday themes when making a grand entrance driving up to a convention center does help separate one from the crowd. Tapping into the spookiest holiday of the year for inspiration -- and renting the perfect exotic car -- just might be wild enough to work.

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