Buying A New Car? Features To Look For If You Drive Around A Slew Of Toddlers

If you have a lot of toddlers that you drive around and are in need of a new car, there are safety features available that can make things for the toddlers. Follow the tips to help you make the best informed decision when purchasing your new car.

Rear-View Back Up Camera

The National Highway Traffic Safety Association has proposed a rule that requires all new light weight vehicles, including cars, trucks, SUVs and vans, to have a backup camera. If passed, this rule would start phasing on May 1, 2016 and be installed in all cars by May 2018.

If you need to purchase a car now, however, you should consider having this feature. It can prevent you to have a back-over accident, especially since you have children.

Rear-view backup cameras do not work like a traditional camera. The image you see on the display screen inside your car is horizontally flipped and creates a mirrored image. This is important, because the rear-view camera and the driver are in opposite directions. Make sure the rear-view back up camera turns on automatically when you put your car in reverse. If it does not, you may forget to switch it on yourself when you start your car. You should also make sure it uses weather resistant connectors and cables so it can hold up to the elements, such as water, snow, ice, dust, and oil.

Rear Seat Passenger Sensing System

The rear seat passenger sensing system will show you which rear seat belts are being used, as well as if they are belted safely while your vehicle is moving. This means if one of the children unbuckles their seat belt while you are driving, you will be alerted. This is like you will have eyes in the back of your head.

Depending on the car you purchase, this safety features works by having a display in the front dash that will show a safety belt signal for each safety belt in your car. When the belt is buckled, the symbol will turn a different color. When one of the children unbuckles their seat belt, the symbol on the display will start flashing, and make a chiming sound.

Having these safety features will likely cost more, but they are well worth it. If you have already purchased your car, take it back to the new car dealers and ask them to install these features for you.