2 Specialty Motorcycles To Consider

Buying a new motorcycle is a lot of fun, mostly because of the many different models and styles that you will get to see and possibly test. While traditional motorcycle styles are a great option, there are a few types of specialty motorcycles that can really make you stand out, while also providing their own unique set of benefits. Two specialty bikes to consider are sidecar motorcycles and electric bikes.

Sidecar Motorcycles

Sidecar motorcycles come in two different types: motorcycles that can have a sidecar mounted on them, and bikes that were designed around having a sidecar. Both options provide similar benefits, but the bikes that are designed around a sidecar are typically going to be more stable and easier to drive. 

The reason for this is that when a sidecar is added to a bike that was not specifically designed for it, it will need to be balanced and adjusted to make it safe to operate. In addition, a bike that was designed for a sidecar will often have a reverse gear, which is a great option to have when you consider that a sidecar will often add a few hundred pounds to the weight of your bike.

One of the biggest benefits to driving a motorcycle with a sidecar is that it can actually make your bike more practical. For example, the sidecar will allow you to easily carry groceries or other cargo. In addition, the sidecar is going to make it safer to drive with a passenger. 

Another benefit is that a sidecar motorcycle is often a great choice for older riders or people with weak legs due to an injury or illness. The reason for this is that you will not have to worry about holding your bike up at a stop sign or traffic light, the sidecar will balance it for you.

Electric Bikes

Electric motorcycles are a type of motorcycle that is getting more and more attention, mostly due to the many benefits that it can provide. The biggest benefit provided by an electric motorcycle is that you will never have to fill it with gas. This makes it the ideal bike for commuting to work, or even just to take frequent joyrides without having to spend a ton of money on gas. 

Sure, an electric motorcycle does not make the same sound that a traditional motorcycle does, but that is a small price to pay for never having to spend money on gas to ride your bike. In addition, having an almost silent motorcycle will certainly end up turning some heads and make your bike stand out.

Visit your local motorcycle dealer today in order to see all of the great bike options available. An electric bike is ideal for a commuter vehicle and can save you money, while a sidecar motorcycle is perfect if you want to be able to carry cargo or passengers safely. Contact a dealership like Duke City Harley-Davidson for more information.